Award Citation for The Reverend Tom Carr

Tom CarrThe Reverend Tom Carr serves as the pastor of the First Baptist Church in West Hartford, Connecticut. For more than a dozen years he has tirelessly advocated that Christians, especially clergy, address the moral and spiritual urgency of global climate change, lead the way in consuming less fossil fuel, and inspire others to tackle the most pressing issue of our time. 

         Reverend Tom founded and became the first executive director of the pioneering and widely respected Interreligious EcoJustice Network of Connecticut (IREJN). Through this network and through his relationships with clergy statewide, Rev. Tom has educated clergy about the responsibility of religious leaders to teach the urgency of addressing global climate change and to set positive examples for society. For example, he bluntly asks, “I am urging all of us to speak about the moral, ethical and spiritual reasons for addressing climate change.”

         For the past several years, he has hosted an annual Connecticut Climate Stewardship Summit for people of faith. He has established liaisons between churches and labor unions, which led him to form the Connecticut Roundtable on Climate and Jobs. Every year on the weekend closest to Valentine’s Day, he encourages a global warming “Preach In” and urges clergy of all faiths to participate.

         In addition to developing and leading IREJN, Reverend Tom Carr has mobilized churches and synagogues to protest new coal-fired power plants.  Thanks in part to his efforts, no new coal-fired power plants have been built in New England.

         For his prophetic warnings to clergy, for his tireless commitment to addressing global climate change, and for his service to God and country, especially Connecticut, we are pleased to extend our 2014 Steward of God’s Creation award to Reverend Tom Carr.