A History of Washington Week (Part 2 of 6)

An Introduction to Washington Week
February 22-25, 2001

Dombeck as Steward of Creation
Michael Dombeck awarded 2001 Steward of Creation
Government officials are sometimes honored with a Steward of the Forest award. Dr, Robert Marshall, Charleston, West Virginia, here presents a 2001 award to U.S. Forest Service Chief Michael Dombeck in his offices at the U.S. Forest Service. Chief Dombeck received this award because he demonstrated exceptional courage in halting the logging of old growth forests on National Forest lands and because he opened a national discussion on the necessity of saving all of America's remaining old growth forests. In this cause he promoted what eventually became known as the National Forest "Roadless Rule" which protected wild areas from logging on national forest lands. While this act created some discontent among logging companies, it preserved a portion of America's still untouched national forest lands.
Warren Stone and Senator Lieberman
Warren Stone, Senator Lieberman

Rabbi Warren Stone, NRCCC co-chair (at the center podium) plus program moderator Senator Joseph Lieberman (far left) and others from the NRCCC speak at a press conference inside the US Senate on the importance of preserving the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. When members of the religious coalition speak to legislators, individuals from different faith backgrounds represent the formal policy declarations of their institutions with different rationales, but unified conclusions for public policy. This event, co-sponsored by The Wilderness Society, was credited with tipping the balance in the Senate so that the Arctic National Wildlife Preserve was protected from drilling.