Steward of God's Creation Award

The Steward of God?s Creation award is bestowed to those individuals who exhibit courage and commitment in the caring and keeping of the earth in a heroic, distinguished and effective manner. Awardees are determined by a vote of religious leaders and bestowed at a public event, normally the National Prayer Breakfast for Creation Care, which is sponsored annually by a coalition of religious organizations and affiliates.


Margaret Bullitt-Jonas
Northampton, Massachusetts

James Hansen The Reverend Margaret Bullitt-Jonas serves as a missioner for creation care for the Episcopal Diocese ofWestern Massachusetts and the Massachusetts Conference United Church of Christ.

Her work is to make sure the voice of the faithful can be heard in public discourse related to climate change and to inspire individual congregations to see climate justice as a significant issue—one that requires human intervention and spiritual resolve. She has written prolifically about issues related to climate justice and participated in advocacy at the national level and civil disobedience.

Margaret is a preacher, teacher and activist who annually rallies 55 plus Episcopal congregations to observe "Creation Season" from the Feast of Saint Francis (Oct. 4) until Christ the King Sunday (Nov. 20) She is the diocese's first dedicated missioner for creation care, appointed by Bishop Doug Fisher in 2013. More information about her ministry is on her website art

On of her nominators, Rev. Tom Carr, said that Margaret is a contemplative activist. "Margaret goes deep within her own soul, her spirit, to understand the sacred, the holy, what God is doing. Then she acts."

Another nominator, Connie Hanson, extolled Margaret's patience. Connie cited the words of Jesus in Matthew 25:23 to describe Margaret. "Because you have been faithful in few things, I will put you in charge of many things. Well done, my faithful servant."

Rabbi Fred Scherlinder Dobb attributed Margaret's humility as like that of Moses. Dobb concluded by saying, "Let it be the Jew who says, 'Preach the Gospel, and when necessary, use words.'"

Margaret's husband, Robert, and some friends of Margaret, attended the award ceremony. Margaret gave an inspiring and instructive acceptance talk.










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