Steward of God's Creation Award

The Steward of God?s Creation award is bestowed to those individuals who exhibit courage and commitment in the caring and keeping of the earth in a heroic, distinguished and effective manner. Awardees are determined by a vote of religious leaders and bestowed at a public event, normally the National Prayer Breakfast for Creation Care, which is sponsored annually by a coalition of religious organizations and affiliates.


Bill McKibben
Middlebury, Vermont
Bill McKibbenBill McKibben is the founder and director of the grassroots climate campaign, which has mobilized millions of people, especially young people, into awareness and action on behalf of citizen advocacy for personal and government action on global climate change. In addition McKibben is the author of over a dozen books on human ecological responsibility, including one of the world’s earliest texts documenting the seriousness of climate change, The End of Nature, published in 1989.

Through these ventures, McKibben has helped awaken Americans and young people worldwide to the seriousness of global climate disruption. He has led marches, spoken at hundreds of meetings and conferences, and worked relentlessly to seek a level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere no greater than 350 parts per million, a level that would allow a stable climate to continue on earth. This action was necessary because fossil fuel corporations and many others with financial interests in business as usual have sought to confuse citizens and even deny the validity of science reports about climate change.  McKibben has responded by organizing student rallies, demonstrations and protests, all the while galvanizing young people into activism and popularizing awareness of the seriousness of global climate change.

McKibben has deplored the lack of popular awareness of the clear scientific basis for recognizing climate change as one of the greatest threats facing civilization. He declares that we are facing “one of the biggest transitions in human history; the scale of the challenge is enormous.” We are enmeshed “in structural sin,” he observes, and if we are not willing to challenge the structures of sin, we cannot achieve the goals of a stable climate or a stable society. “This fight,” he declares, “will become harder before it gets easier,” and yet we don’t have the luxury of time. 

In acknowledgment of his prophetic vision, inspired leadership, service on behalf of God’s Good Earth, but especially for his development of the organization, we are pleased to extend to Bill McKibben our 2013 steward of God’s creation award.




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