Religion in the Climate Change News

Links to various Internet items (media reports, editorials, online discussions, published research), 
about Christians (including evangelicals) and climate change specifically, and 
religion and environmental concern generally from a variety of perspectives (compiled by ASR):


Forecasting Climate With A Chance Of Backlash
"When it comes to climate change, Americans place great trust in their local TV weathercaster, which has led climate experts to see huge potential for public education."

Conservatives can be persuaded to care more about the environment, study finds


God and climate change
"Obama has brought religion back into the environmental conversation."

Global Warming Believers March in D.C.
"On, February 17th, a very chilly and windy Sunday afternoon, the big guns of global warming activism gathered with their true believer followers in a park adjacent to the Washington Monument."

Scientists’ meeting emphasizes care for creation
"Often the scientific world seems to be at odds with the religious world, especially when it comes to global warming and other environmental issues. Dr. Herb Grover, an ecological scientist and professor at Wayland Baptist University, recently attended a retreat where the science community and the Christian community were one and the same."


Is your church bowing to the 'green dragon?'
"Author claims environmentalists duping Christianity into undermining gospel"

Heartland Institute’s James Taylor falsely claims a new study rejects climate consensus [Updated]
"James Taylor, managing editor of The Heartland Institute’s Environment & Climate News, recently wrote a Forbes blog post about a new study of professional engineers and geoscientists involved in Alberta, Canada’s petroleum industry. According to the authors of the study, however, Taylor got most of the details in his post wrong..."

Acton Institute Ranked Among Top Global Think Tanks
"The Acton Institute has again been named a leading think tank by the University of Pennsylvania’s Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program."

Christian Faith Towards Global Warming

[ - Aaron S. Routhe, PhD candidate, Department of Sociology, The University of Tennessee]


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