A Clean Renewable Energy Future

It is clear from our scripture and faith traditions that God has created the earth we live upon with sufficient resources and energy for vibrant life for humans and other creatures without any necessity to despoil or plunder. As people whose faith is in the Creator God, we must resolutely press in to align ourselves with God's creation purpose. And that purpose includes God-created clean, renewable energy.

We need to lead societies in developing national energy policies that are clean, sustainable, renewable, and that provide a high quality of life. The way through to this future is increasingly becoming clear as studies are showing. What is needed is public policy change that will drive forward this new future. And public policy change will require strong grassroots organizing to educate and mobilize the population.


Clean Energy Builds an Economy

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Projected Job and Investment Impacts of Policy Requiring 25% Renewable Energy by 2025 in Michigan (study by Michigan State University, August 2012)

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(Michale Klare, Alternet, February 10, 2013)

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American Clean Energy Agenda is endorsed by 36 grassroots organizations including Christians For The Mountains.

The technology is available. The costs actually save money. See reports by Synapse Energy Economics and Civil Society Institute.

On April 25, 2012, the Civil Society Institute released a national opinion poll conducted by ORC International finding that:

More than three out of four Americans (77 percent) - including 70 percent of Republicans, 76 percent of Independents, and 85 percent of Democrats -- believe that "the energy industry's extensive and well-financed public relations, campaign contributions and lobbying machine is a major barrier to moving beyond business as usual when it comes to America's energy policy."

More than eight out of 10 Americans (83 percent) - including 69 percent of Republicans, 84 percent of Independents, and 95 percent of Democrats -- agree with the following statement: "The time is now for a new, grassroots-driven politics to realize a renewable energy future. Congress is debating large public investments in energy and we need to take action to ensure that our taxpayer dollars support renewable energy-- one that protects public health, promotes energy independence and the economic well being of all Americans."