Moral and ethical principles shape society’s attitudes and behavior toward the land.

The present mentality toward forests and forestry is based upon greed, arrogance and spiritual ignorance.

To correct the exploitive attitudes which have dominated forest practice, religious leaders gathered in the Pisgah National Forest in 2000, exactly one hundred after industrialist George Vanderbilt established America’s first school of forestry.

At the exact location where this school began, they issued the following declaration to correct the errors of the past and establish a new ethic and vision of forests.

A Declaration on Forest Conservation For the 21st Century Prepared by a coalition of churches, synagogues and para-religious organizations concerned about the future of America's forests and the spiritual health of our nation

The Alaskan Tongess Old Growth Forest may be Privatized fora Political Favor (June 2012)

Everything I Need to Know I Learned from the Forests, by Vandana Shiva (Yes! Magazine 2012)

RCFC Call for Responsibility to Forests .pdf

Roman Catholic Fransciscan Statement on Forest Conservation (2002) .pdf

California Methodists call for end of Old Growth Forest Logging (1998) .pdf

Mexican Catholic Bishops Issue Pastoral Letter on Forest Protection in the Sierra Madre (2002) (.pdf)

Religions of the World and Forests (quotes compiled by F. Krueger) (.pdf)

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