Christians, Jews, and Native Americans share a legacy of awareness that potent lessons are available through reflection and study of the air, land and waters of the world.

The Opening the Book of Nature (OBN) program helps thoughtful students to connect to these meanings in nature. OBN weekend "explorations" use periods of private prayer and reflection alternating with group process to produce a blend of low key instruction, personal experience, group discussion and sharing.

A unique learning method emerges which helps each person to share in the personal discoveries made by others, to learn from one another's insights and experiences, and to go on into a more effective ability to discern lessons in creation.


For Further Information

Please see the University of the South's new Center for Religion and the Environment as they are now providing an academic perspective on this historic potential to learn from nature. See them at, or, for an older but larger site, not recently updated, see:
For information about coordinator Robin Gottfried.