Ethical Principles on Creation Care

The Earth is God’s and all that is in it; Thou shall not
destroy the earth nor despoil the life thereon.

This phrase accomplishes four key tasks of:

  1. 1. summarizing human responsibility to God to care for the land and all that is in it;
  2. 2. providing a moral test of whether or not an action is right before God;
  3. 3. establishing an easily communicated spiritual and religious basis for a sustainable and just society, and
  4. 4. revealing a vision of how society must transform its attitudes in order to integrate itself into the ecosystem of the planet.

For these reasons, the National Religious Coalition on Creation Care has adopted as its slogan this summation of our Biblical heritage in its relation to the Earth and urges all individuals and religious institutions to include this ethic of the environment in every process of decision-making. [Reference: A Biblical Ethic of God's Creation] pdf

*****Following are links to articles that lay out further articulation of the ethics of creation responsibility.***

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