Christian Theology

The National Religious Coalition on Creation Care is a collaborative organization of people representative of an array of religious perspectives united in certain principles concerning human responsibility toward God’s Creation.  Hawaiian RainbowWe recognize that we also hold certain differing beliefs and practices.  Our task as we work together in the NRCCC is to accentuate that which unites us, while also maintaining the integrity of our own theological convictions. 

While this website features subcategories of Jewish Theology and Christian Theology, we recommend that Jews, Christians, and others will profitably gain insight from both subcategories.

Thoughtful theological work that is grounded in Holy Writ and the inspiration of wise religious leadership throughout the centuries is needed for today’s challenges and opportunities regarding nurture and protection of Creation is much needed and welcomed. We need to hear one another. Therefore please submit articles and links to Fred Krueger.


Links to Articles

Sacred Cosmology by Vincent Rossi

The Eleventh Commandment: Toward and Ethic of Ecology
by Vincent Rossi (Sonflowers Discipleship Journal, March 1979)
(2.8mb PDF file)

Biblical/Theological Considerations of Gas Fracking

Episcopal House of Bishops Pastoral Teaching 2011