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NRCCC Events

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Annual Washington Week Events

Since 1999 Christians and Jews have come together annually to represent their environmental positions before Congress, the White House and other government agencies. Initially the focus was on religious responsibility to conserve and protect our national forests. Now we include climate change, protection for endangered species, wilderness preservation, ending mountain-top removal, and protection of national parks from commercial development.

Each year the Washington Week program begins with a National Prayer Breakfast for Creation Care. A "Steward of Creation Award" is part of every prayer breakfast to honor those individuals who exemplify principled action in protecting and stewarding creation because of religious and spiritual values.

Catholics and Jews, Evangelicals, Eastern Orthodox, Pentecostals, and Mainline Protestants typically hold similar positions on most issues of creation care. To ensure religious integrity amidst different beliefs we have developed a protocol for interdenominational and interfaith work. It invites each participant to (1) reflect the fullness of his or her religious beliefs, but also to (2) respect the responsibility of every other participant to do the same. Where we come together is in our common conclusions regarding the right conduct and care that is required for good stewardship of God's creation.


20th Annual National Prayer Breakfast

May 06 2019 - Washington, DC

The 20th annual National Prayer Breakfast for Creation Care will take place at the Willard Hotel. This will include as Guest Speaker Dr Chad Hanson. Steward of Creation awards will be extended to Rev. Dr. Jim Antal, to Rev. Dr. Gerald Durley, and to Dr. Katharine Hayhoe. Prayers for the health and healing of our land and its government will be included. Click here for more information.

Previous Events

2016 Climate Crisis Conference organized by Dr. Tom English in San Diego

Prayer Breakfast May 12, 2014 in Washington, DC: Rev. Tom Carr was honored with the 2014 Steward of Creation Award at its 16th annual NRCCC Prayer Breakfast held this year at the Capitol Hill Lutheran Church in Washington, DC. A major theme of this gathering was climate. Rev. Carr is successfully organizing the Interreligious Ecojustice Network in Connecticut. For further details, click this link.

Prayer Breakfast May 20, 2013 in Washington, DC: Bill McKibben was honored with the 2013 Steward of Creation Award at the annual National ReligiousCoalition on Creation Care (NRCCC) Prayer Breakfast in Washington, DC on Monday morning May 20. McKibben is an activist, scholar, writer, and founder of 350.org, to rally support worldwide for effective climate policy. McKibben has written a number of theological articles over the years, is a Sunday School teacher, and strongly encourages religion to be involved in climate activism. Watch a video of McKibben's challenging message here.


Bill McKibben Speaks at Climate Conference April 2012 (video)